Saturday, 28 October 2017

Know More about the Laser Resurfacing Treatment at Advance Laser Clinic

Advance Laser Clinic is a one-stop-shop for treatments using laser. In fact, the quality as well as the affordability of the treatments offered here have drawn the attention of many a number of customers. They offer specialized laser treatments to treat problems like under eye wrinkles, fine lines, active acne, and many more.

For treating wrinkles under the eyes, the technicians make use of laser resurfacing. This involves the intervention of a laser beam which tears up the epidermis and brings about the production of new collagen in the next layer of the skin. This procedure is normally carried out on an out-patient basis and is suitable for treating minor kind of damage to the topmost layer of the skin. Further, immediately after this procedure, there are chances of the skin getting a pinkish hue and also becoming sensitive for a temporary period. However, with proper aftercare, your skin would appear more youthful and healthy.

The process of laser resurfacing is also known in different names like lasabrasion, laser vaporization, or laser peel. There are two kinds of lasers which are commonly used in this process like Erbium and Carbon dioxide (CO2). Theselasers vaporize the damaged skin cells at the surface level.

Among these, CO2 laser resurfacing is an age-old method used to treat different skin issues like wrinkles, warts, scars, etc. The recent version of this method makes use of short pulses of laser energy or a continuous stream of light which is delivered in a scanning pattern so as to remove the thin layer of skin causing minimal damage from heat. In this method, the recovery time is normally two weeks. In the second method called Erbium laser resurfacing, the surface level and the moderate deep lines and wrinkles on areas like face, neck, hands, etc. are removed. One of the major benefits of this procedure is the minimal amount of burning of the surrounding tissue. This method in fact, causes only lesser side effects like swelling, redness, bruising, etc.

To sum it up, Advance Laser Clinic offer the state-of-the-art technologies with respect to treatments involving laser. For this reason, there is a long list of customers who seek the services of this firm.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Rejuvenate your skin with advance laser hair removal in Calgary

Having a flawless, smooth and glowing skin is the dream of every woman. It has been persistent that only women are concerned about their looks and undertake regular grooming sessions to maintain the proper shape of their eyebrows and getting rid of the unwanted body hair. The talks about men being concerned about their looks and taking care of the excess body hair were seldom.

However, things have changed over the course and today, everyone wants to look good and presentable. Why not? Looking good is an order of the day. These days, you’ll see people rushing around to the salons to get the waxing procedure done before the wedding, removing the extra facial hair before appearing for the interview or getting the bikini line hair trimmed to hit the beach. With the increasing influence of celebrities, more and more number of people have developed a profound interest in looking exactly like them. It’s good to look appealing round the clock, but how is it possible? Well, there are two ways for it. Either you can go for advanced laser hair removal in Calgary, or you can adopt the conventional hair removal methods, which have been there for many years. The only advantage, which these traditional methods have is that the means used here are readily available. Let’s take razor and hair removal cream, for instance, you could get hold of them at most of the shops. Does this seem like an ideal choice? Why would someone go for advanced hair removal methods like laser hair removal then? Well, for some it maybe and for some it might not be.

Why are there such people who don’t take the conventional hair removal methods as their good to go choice, giving that they are convenient and cheap? If you think that the traditional hair removal methods are convenient and cheap, then you should consider giving it a second thought. If reviewed from another perspective, the hair removal wax, creams, razors and trimmers cost you more than the laser hair removal methods in the long run. Apart from the cost, it would be hard to not mention about the time consumed and the after effects of these procedures. The list is getting big, right?

Talking about the side effects of the traditional hair removal methods they would prove to be more expensive and time consuming in the long run. Furthermore, the after effects outnumber the advantages of these conventional hair removal procedures. Some of the common side effects reported are reddening of the skin and development of allergic reactions, rough and hard hair growth, cuts and bruises and darker complexion after prolonged usage. Is it all worth just to acquire temporary results?

Advanced laser hair removal on the other hand, is a painless and effective procedure which offers permanent results without the hassle of undergoing frequent procedures. It simply means you not only save your hard-earned money and productive time, but also protect your skin from the ill after effects of the traditional procedures.  It’s time to redefine and rejuvenate your skin.